Soldering systems

Soldering systems made in Germany

Soldering systems form the basis for the manufacture of electronic assemblies and devices that we find in almost all areas of our everyday lives. Whether cars, smartphones or medical devices – soldered connections are essential. In electronics manufacturing, soldering systems are used to mount components on circuit boards and make connections. Many assemblies in the automotive industry are also based on soldering systems.

We realize RÖSNICK soldering systems individually on the basis of circuit board data and/or patterns. This means you receive the soldering system that is optimally tailored to your needs. From simple applications with a circumferential contact surface to complex layouts with SMD components on the underside of the PCB, everything is possible. We support technically complex PCB designs with specially manufactured titanium inserts. Each design is aimed at achieving optimum soldering results for the customer.

On request, you can receive your solder mask with precisely fitting hold-down and alignment systems for the PCB as well as for the pressure and alignment of components. Correct placement can be checked via an optional PokaYoke system using height and component scanning. All systems can be produced individually or in small or large series. If you have any questions, please contact our sales department.